Dilated Peoples

By Lawrence Bailey

In a time of jiggy-ass MCs and beefs contrived to sell music cheaper than the CD it’s pressed on, it’s a joy to have releases from groups like Dilated Peoples.

Neighborhood Watch isn’t groundbreaking, it doesn’t take the crew in bold new directions and it won’t turn the hip hop world on its ear. But it is fuckin’ good.

Sticking to the smart, slick, epic production of the one and only DJ Babu combined with the stellar emceeing of Rakaa (Iriscience) and Evidence, the Dilated Peoples have released an album worthy of being the follow up to 2001’s Expansion Team. Paying homage to their roots in hip hop, Dilated give respect to many old school crews including the likes of Run DMC, Eric B and Rakim and the legend, DJ Premier.

Toss in cameos ranging from Devin the Dude to Planet Asia to Kanye West and it’s clear Dilated haven’t missed a beat.

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