Rock, paper, scissors

By Katie Hobday

Wanna play rock paper scissors? You have the opportunity to go down in history as the University of Calgary attempts to stage at world record setting rock paper scissors tournament Wed., Apr. 14 at 12:00 p.m. in MacEwan Student Centre

"The initial impetus to create an event like this was a news article about a school in Canada that had set a world record for the largest pillow fight," said tournament organizer Ian Smedley. "I thought that this would be a type of event that I could organize, and I have always wanted to try and get into the Guinness World Record Book."

Everyone is welcome to participate and there is no sign up required. Once the tournament starts, each pair will play a best of three match. It is a winner-take-all tournament, with each victor advancing to the next round. Participants are asked to sign their names at the door on their way out to keep track of numbers. The total event should not last longer than an hour and it is sanctioned by Guinness.

Smedley said it is fun and easy for students to do.

"It provides people at the university the opportunity to participate in an attempt at a world record, which is something that does not happen very often." explained Smedley. "It’s just something that I felt I could do to enhance the university community."

With help from Students’ Union Vice-President Events Richard Bergen, friends, colleagues and professors, the event should be a hit.

Smedley is encouraging all students to join in.

"Anyone is eligible to participate, the more people who can participate the better the chances of having a successful event," said Smedley.

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