Shut up and listen

By Anna Chan

We all have our own opinions, but when does expressing your opinion become condemning other people and their interests?

It is common for people to disagree on pizza toppings or what movie to watch, but there is never any rest when it comes to music. I find it impossible to work at my own computer and work to the music of my choice without being ridiculed or chastised. No one will ever enjoy listening to what you put on, someone will always disagree. In any open space with many people, someone is bound to hear your favourite songs and invariably make fun of it or tell you it makes them want to throw up.

Of course, no one has perfect taste in music but everyone has a concept of what is bad. For example, people who enjoy boy bands have been labeled teeny-boppers or just plain sad. Who can really say they have never made fun of someone for liking the Backstreet Boys?

Though I listen to a variety of genres, others have often passed judgment the instant they learn I listen to country music. Yes, because that means I’m an inbred redneck who sits in the back of my pick-up truck crying for my cheating boyfriend to come back to me. Did they even stop to ask what other music I’m interested in?

And then there are the stereotypes.

If you’re Fresh Off the Boat, you’re going to love to attend raves. If you listen to dance music you are automatically labeled a raver. This might not be a bad thing, but why can’t people be a raver who listens to country music and the Backstreet Boys?

I’ll admit it, I like country music, I have listened to the Backstreet Boys and I revel in dance music. I also like having a pint with friends, watching the Simpsons and eating chocolate. I like the idea of world peace, not polluting our world to death and living life the way you want to live it.

Go ahead, make fun of that too.

There are a million different musical artists, and everyone will have an opinion on them. People need to understand existing in an environment where you are constantly challenged about your choice in music is aggravating. It’s hard to enjoy the things you love most when there are other people constantly mocking you because of it.

No matter what you enjoy, the world will have an opinion, but don’t let that stop you from doing what you want. As for me, the more someone complains about what I listen to, the louder I plan on turning it up.

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