New U of C programa quantum leap

By Ben Hoffman

The University of Calgary will soon have a prestigious new multidisciplinary program.

The Quantum Information Sciences program is designed to host students of math, physics, computer science, chemistry and electrical engineering. The program has garnered international support and the University of Calgary hopes that it will draw good students to Calgary.

“In terms of international prestige, we’re already there,” said physics professor and informatics Circle of Research Excellence member Dr. Barry Sanders. “We’re already gaining world news coverage.”

The U of C’s academic plan outlines information technology as one of the 16 avenues through which they will pursue academic growth. The plan acknowledges that the U of C is known for excellence in cryptography and quantum computing.

“Calgary has had a long-standing strength in quantum information,” confirmed Dr. Sanders.

The program will draw talented graduate students from all over the world looking to do research in advancing the quantum computing field. There will be some undergraduate courses offered under the program as well but, as Dr. Sanders points out, students in the program will require expertise in one of the disciplines involved.

“The primary target is graduate students,” said Dr. Sanders, pointing out that even they will have a hard time crossing disciplines from their degrees.

The program is gaining momentum quickly and is already well-rooted at the university.

“There’s still a lot of building up going on,” said Dr. Sanders. “By next year, we’ll be moving in full swing.”

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