Mario Winans

By Stewart Ronald McGee

I was excited to review this CD since I heard the first single “I Don’t Want to Know” on the radio. Mario Winans’ soft, caramel voice sings about ex-lovers, cheating bitches and hard times through all 17 album tracks. He may whine for most of them, but it is the good kind of whining. His voice makes you feel warm and fuzzy and you can imagine Mario singing about your ex-boyfriend for you during a good fucking.

As much as I resisted yet another RB male singer, I couldn’t do it. On the surface Winans appear to be another typical R.Kelly wannabe, he has a depth missing from most, pairing many of his songs with innovative beats and collaborating with unexpected artists such as Enya.

But this is not a CD for everyone. If you’re into radio-friendly RB and hot black men, you will dig this album. This is not an album that is about to convert the radio-friendly RB hater. For what it is, though, I highly enjoyed Winans’ make-you-wanna-melt tracks and would recommend it to the Vibe 98.5 listener.

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