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Fee for counseling
Starting May 1, students seeking more than three counseling sessions per year at Counseling Services will be charged $25 per session, $20 of which is recoupable form the Health and Dental plan. Counseling Services has traditionally provided the service for free.

"I’m concerned when services that were once provided for free to students are now being charged for," said Students’ Union Vice-President Academic Laura Schultz.

U of C Associate Vice-President Student Affairs Dr. Peggy Patterson explains that the charge is needed to recoup costs of providing counseling to students who use more than the average 2.7 sessions per year.

The Students’ Academic Assembly is scheduled to discuss the issue on Mon., May 17 at 5:30 p.m. at Council Chambers.

Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation Scholarship Award Winners
U of C Engineering student Vassa Reentova was one of five recipients of the prestigious Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation Scholarship this week, valued at $5,000 each. The four other recipients include University of Waterloo’s Bernice Chan of Mississauga, Ontario; University College of Cape Breton’s Stacy MacDonald of Lake Echo, Nova Scotia; Simon Fraser University’s Jessica Tang of Thunder Bay, Ontario; and École Polytechnique’s Véronic Tétreault of Boucherville, Quebec.

Monica Danon-Schaffer of West Vancouver, British Columbia recipieved the CEMF’s $15,000 Claudette MacKay-Lassonde Graduate Scholarship Award.

According to the CEMF, "Each of these young women have strong leadership abilities and give their free time to varied extracurricular and volunteer activities. The foundation believes they are the future leaders in engineering."

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