Various Artists

By Ben Hoffman

I first came across One Take around late February or early March. After a few listens I wrote an uninspired, if not terrible, review of the disc and due to its complete lack of quality, it never saw the light of day. I was not surprised. The album was quickly whisked into my pile of CDs to sell which should have sealed its fate. But here I am, months later, having another go at a review. Time hasn’t changed too much, in regards to my opinion on this bloated album from the fine people at Alma Records. To be honest, I think my last review sugar coated confetti. So, let me make this clear: One Take is bad.

At this point, no doubt, someone out there will be saying “This idiot doesn’t know anything about improvisational jazz,” and yeah, that’s probably true. Regardless, I get paid in free food and the use of couches at this shoddy organization to give my opinions on music and, in this instance, my opinion isn’t very favourable.

Sure, the idea of recording an improvisational jam session is fairly novel, but that doesn’t make the finished product worthwhile. I would have thought improvisation couldn’t be so bloody formulaic; but I don’t know a thing about improvisational jazz, remember?

Furthermore, I can no longer look at the Hammond B3 Organ in the same light. I had no idea so much talent could be used to make such an annoying sound.

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