By Chris McGeachy

Wu-Tang may be gone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t flog a dead horse for all its worth, right?

Ghostface Killa’s latest outing Pretty Toney Album is no exception, with the titular hero yammering on about the same old lack of comeuppance and his hypocritically obscene personal wealth. Is this all it takes to make a projected platinum selling album these days? This album seems to be geared more toward fans of Wu-Tang rather than a general audience looking for a good album.

The album starts off with Killa facing off against a barrage of media-types–answering questions about his time off and the status of Wu-Tang.

I was waiting for the question: “Does this album get better at any time?” but to no avail.

The beats on the album are repetitive, and granted, while I’m not a huge fan of rap I just couldn’t get into the mood given the endless ranting track after track. I can agree Killa has an amazing ability to rhyme, but as a cracker-ass rhythmless white boy, I couldn’t find myself grooving to much of this disc.

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