Be a Dino

By Sean Nyilassy

This fall, for the thousands of students unfamiliar to the University of Calgary many things will be different. Here they have a new home, new school, new city, new friends, more freedom and bigger genitals. What?

In any case, for an elite assemblage of students one specific challenge awaits: Competing in their favourite sport at a higher level. As the school year approaches most teams will be having recruitment camps to find rookies who over the next few years will bring the Dinos teams up a notch or two.

If you are wondering, “I’m damn good at a sport, why aren’t I being recruited?” Then check out and click on the unmistakable link to “Dinos Tryouts.” Perhaps you could be the next athletic idol on campus.

Fresh out of high school competition, inexperienced athletes will most likely warm the bench, getting precious minutes of play time once games are clinched or hopeless. Only a select few will exhibit the raw talent, cooperation and drive necessary to obtain a starting position in their rookie year. Slowly but surely the rest will prove themselves during practice and earn more game time.

After a few years these men and women will become the leaders on their teams, showing the new rookies the ropes. Whether they continue competing professionally after university or find another calling through their studies, one thing is certain: the memories they take with them will be fond ones of travelling around Western Canada and stumbling upon new pals.

Spectators, competitors and Dinos hopefuls alike should keep their eyes on the rookies next year to see future stars being cast from their moulds. Who knows, you may just be the next butterman.

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