Elaine Taylor

By Вen Li

Aside from the artifacts in the live audio levels, Elaine Taylor’s solo > live @ crush is an enjoyable listen. The unassuming nature of the entire package shows Taylor’s heavy investment of herself in this eight track solo album about the intricacies of life.

At times, her voice seems as fine as the most subtle chords produced by her acoustic guitar. Her ability to brilliantly turn these around into the most vibrant, unexpected, yet welcoming of lyrical delights, is only superficially explored in what is sure to be the first of many passionate albums.

Tracks such as “Sometimes” and “Weekend Thing” musically explore Taylor’s songwriting ability, the audience in the live venue, and life on the west coast while the metre and verse of “The Stone” and “Crooked Line” expose unexpected, but appropriately fascinating literary talents.

Taylor’s twenty-two and a half minute set featured in solo portends of great things to come, and is refreshingly non-repetitive as the work of one artist. Being too short to showcase her entire repertoire of abilities is the only fault of this album not surmounted by her musical stylings.

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