Mike Ford

By Garth Paulson

Mike Ford is one nice guy. His website has specific links for booking him at schools and summer camps, he is a member of the Ontario Camping Association, and his debut album Stars Shone on Toronto is full of folky odes to Toronto and the Canadian wilderness. To cement his nice guy reputation part of the proceeds from every copy bought goes to a charity organization. Shucks, Mike, I couldn’t say a bad thing about you if I tried. Fortunately, the music forming Stars Shone on Toronto is as nice as he.

Aside from a solo career Mike Ford is also a member of the CBC’s favourite band Moxy Fruvous, and judging by the themes addressed on Stars Shone on Toronto his rotation on Canada’s public broadcasting network isn’t about to change just because he’s on his own.

Subjects include the Massive eastern blackout of last year, the great Toronto fire of 1904, the destructive capabilities of SUVs, late environmental activist Tooker Gomberg and the importance of the environment. All of this is delivered through sweet folk melodies with hints of reggae and country breaking through at points.

Stars Shone on Toronto might not be the most original album but it is very difficult to dislike and would make a fine soundtrack for the Green Party.

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