Nina Sky

By Bryant Lukes

Nina Sky’s self-titled debut release is a sexy piece of RB fused with whatever else is popular today. This is a royal sample of what sells­–a marketing masterpiece if you want to call modern radio-friendly R&B fine art.

Not only are these girls cute, but they’re identical twins acoustically. However, that does not mean that I would buy this record. If somebody asked me if I would buy this record then I would quote Hot Little Rocket and say “No Makes a Good Answer”.

The lyrics in Nina Sky are serviceable, though it makes you think about why some of the dumb girls you like didn’t want to be friends with you. The first single on this album, “Move Ya Body” is an overused song title and you can hear it in the production.

If you’re into dance music then I recommend checking this out, otherwise the video’s available on the band’s website. It should give you a better taste of what these twins are all about.

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