Overflow is over

By Diana Lyuber

For the fourth year running, Overflow kicked off the year last Thursday with an unbeatable combination of great music, good vibes, and lotsa booze. The Students’ Union packed MacEwan Hall with help from local talents DJ John Delirious, Dragon Fli Empire and Chixdiggit, along with well known party band Swollen Members.

“It went really well, it was a good party,” said SU Vice-President Events Alex Vyskocil. “There was good flow.”

Around 1,800 students showed up, which is 200 short of last year. Vyskocil attributes the drop in numbers to bad timing. The fall of U of C 101 and Labor Day weekend didn’t give the SU nearly as much time as last year to pimp the event, so it was pushed off to a later date that no longer coincided with the first Thursday of the school year.

“I waited a week because I didn’t think I could sell it in two days to all the students,” explained Vyskocil.

Although this year’s Overflow generated less ticket sales, Vyskocil maintained that it was nonetheless an awesome show and went off without a hitch. Almost.

“We only had one incident,” said Vyskocil. “This one guy was trying to reach the drapes that hang in the Den and his friends launched him up in the air so he could grab them, but he missed and smashed into the wall instead. He was trying to be Superman.”

Overflow 2004 was a great way to launch the Fall semester, but Vyskocil cannot say for sure whether the SU will bring it back in 2005.

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