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By Natalie Sit

The Hop in Brew sits between two extremes on 12 Ave. To the west, are hookers and others promising “a good time.” To the east is the poser-zone of 1 St., littered with 16-year-olds with fake IDs and others with fake tattoos. But, nestled in the middle is the Hop.

The pub is a converted home–check out the old-timey photo by the door–so it’s a bit smaller than your average suburban pub. Bottles and cans from around the world decorate the small pub. In a nice touch, you can find the day’s newspapers around to accompany your beer.

The beer selection is spectacular for a place with only a few taps. They carry everything from bigger breweries like Big Rock and Guinness to small local brews like Wild Rose and Alley Kat from Edmonton. Considering the difficulty finding Wild Rose Velvet Fog or Brew Brothers’ Black Pilsner at the liquor store, the Hop is an enjoyable place to indulge your beer senses.

The Hop also boasts a wide menu of nibbles. Their nachos are the best in Calgary. Instead of piling on canned onions and olives, the Hop uses fresh tomatoes and green onions and melt the cheese in such a manner it covers each chip. Generous portions of sour cream and salsa accompany each dish.

A CJSW Friends card entitles you to 15 per cent off any pizza, any time. They make each pizza in-house using their own dough and pizza sauce. Some favourites include the O’Ryan (tomatoes and mushrooms) or Chernobyl (Italian sausage and banana peppers). And Monday to Saturday from 4-8 PM, it’s pizza hour meaning any 10-inch with two toppings is eight bucks.

With the great beer and eats, the Hop is a perfect place for a birthday or any celebration that requires alcohol. You can book, for free, any number of tables, including the top floor of the pub. Get 30 people and you qualify for cheap booze.

Really, the Hop in Brew is perfect at any time–in the afternoon with a book and a beer or a Saturday night with a 20 friends. It’s like having a great party house open all the time.

Hop in Brew

213 – 12th Avenue SW

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