By Shannon McCabe

Western Canada’s biggest and not so big artists pull into town for the second annual Western Canadian Music Awards. This four-day conference/festival/awards show has plenty to offer for anyone interested.

Conferences are held the first to the third and final days of the awards. These lectures include everything from learning how to drum to Youth Career Day to marketing and promotional lectures. If this turns your crank, enjoy!

This year, there is a lineup of indie acts set to perform at various venues around the city. The awards website at www.westerncanadianmusicawards.com provides the full schedule. Though you may not have heard of the bands, you may be pleasantly surprised. Keep an eye out for Winston, Maren Ord, Jet Set Satellite, and Paper Moon to name a few. As well, there’s a free concert at Millennium Park on Oct. 1.

But for most people, the important part of WMCAs will be the awards ceremonies. There are actually two ceremonies. One is the Industry Awards on Oct. 2, celebrating the people behind the scenes making the music happen. Without them, the talent coming from the neglected side of Canada would not be possible. The awards people are waiting for are The Artistic Awards, held on Oct. 3. You can even vote for Entertainer of the Year on the website! Hope you enjoy these four action-packed days!

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