Toasters in the ska oven

By Ivan Danielewicz

Throughout the history of music numerous bands have made their impact on the music industry by creating a new style of music. Rarely are people fortunate enough to witness these movements begin, never mind watching these bands before they become cannon. All people are left with are those “important” albums. When ska was reformed in the early ’90s, there was band that helped pave the way for the new movement. One of those cannon bands. They were The Toasters.

Stepping into the music scene in the early ’80s, they brought with them a new sound to ska which eventually caught hold of the music industry’s attention. Even now, they influence many of the bands today.

Since reforming the two-tone sound of ska in the early ’80s, The Toasters front man and original member Rob “Bucket” Hingley has been busy. Set to release a dvd, best of cd and a brand new album, the band prepares to step out onto the road once again for an intense tour through North America before stepping across the pond and trudging through Europe.

“It’s been close to 13 years since we have come to Calgary,” explains Bucket. “Our tour has been pretty good so far and we have had some great shows in Minneapolis, St. Louis and Toronto.”

Playing at the Night Galley this Sat, Sept. 25, Bucket will be bringing a full lineup with him, including additional singers, sax, trombones, basses and drums to back up his guitar and vocals. Having been around for 21 years, the group’s sound has come full circle since they began.

“We’re starting to sound like we did when we first started out,” states Bucket. “Our new stuff has a lot more of a reggae and two tone feel to it, which is what our old stuff had. Our middle stuff drifted away from that sound.”

Coming out around Christmas, The Toasters will release a dvd containing interviews and video clips from mtv as well as a best of cd called In Retrospect. Then, on top of this already impressive list, mid next year they plan to release a completely new album. It looks like the year of the Toasters is upon us. But right now, the focus is on the tour.

“We are really enthusiastic to come back to western Canada. It’s been a long time since we were here and we are really enthusiastic about coming back through.”

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