Been around the world like Puffy

By Stephanie Shewchuk

After 12 years of making music, Lily Frost finally feels as if she’s about to move in a brand new direction. With the release of her newest CD, Situation, Frost has added a new dimension to her Latin and Parisian influenced sound. Along with the desire to create a more open and heartfelt record, her time spent in the South Pacific gave the new album what she describes as having a loungy, organic quality.

“I wanted to do a record that was completely from the heart with songs that make sense with each other,” says Frost. “This record is different because this is the first time that I’ve written everything myself.”

Frost spent those oh-so-important university years in Montreal, developing into an artist. Save for a small stretch of time in Cairo she chose to remain in Canada. However, her records claim influences from all over the world and a new South American undertone has been integerated with Situation.

“A lot of stuff on the record is in English, but there is one tune in French and there’s one tune that’s half Spanish. I’m doing more Spanish and the record that I did just now definitely has South American beats and rhythms. The next record I do will probably go in that direction too.”

Although her current release is populated with relaxed and chilled-out songs, a hidden track on the CD shows her capacity for capturing more electronic, upbeat vibe.

Frost’s current live show features her singing with just an electric guitar, which she describes as trippy.

“It kind of has a David Lynch-y sound. It’s not folky sounding, it’s produced, but it’s not with a full band.”

This minimalist arrangement allows for a more performance-based and intimate environment. A more personal venue was important to her, as Frost believes the songs on Situation are more honest and open than any of her previous recordings.

She now exists in a continuum of intimate worldiness.

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