Celebrate Bisexuality

By Marilane Koutis

September 23 is Celebrate Bisexuality Day, a day for bisexuals across the globe to celebrate their diversity and pride. This day is sprouting into a healthy entity onto its own, and it summons creativity and self-expression. It is a day to celebrate the diversity and fluidity in sexuality.

While most people walking hand in hand will be labeled gay or straight, the bisexual community is striving to create a name in its own right, become visible, and expose the history and culture of bisexual people. Despite the persistence of heterosexual and homosexual assumptions, bisexuals go forward to demand less rigid views and sexuality and present an ever brightening visibility of the diversity of sexuality.

This new bisexual visibility and community should come as no surprise in a culture that is increasingly accepting of sexual diversity. We live in a time when issues of sexual orientation are at the forefront of media and politics. Gays, lesbians and bisexuals are being represented more often on screen and their issues are more exposed than ever before. Just as race relations were at the forefront of politics in the 60s and 70s, sexual orientation will be this generation’s catalyst.

And just when you think you’ve got things figured out, there we go changing, evolving, and discovering something new (or old?) all over again. You thought your gaydar was in tip top shape only to realize it’s time for a tune-up in debunking your own stereotypes. The most gay-empathetic and emotionally expressive guy in the class turns out to be a straight guy raised by lesbians, the surefire lesbian turns out to be strictly-dickly, and grandma laughs at the inside joke that only our generation or those a part of the gay community are supposed to understand.

The lights are turning on. Everyone is looking around. Some characters look confused, others angry, and yet others seem to gleam with radiance.

Let’s take this opportunity to remind us of and accept the vast diversity in our world. We have days, weeks, and months celebrating communities in our culture, ranging from Black History Month to International Women’s Day. We have groups, clubs and events all year round. We are a university dedicated to the education, our future, and the quality of life.

Maybe we can learn from bisexuals what we learn from our own groups. Maybe it’s okay to question, if bisexuality is a “third option” in the gamut of sexuality, between or beyond homosexuality and heterosexuality, or if it questions the very dichotomy of sexual identity?

Let’s put bisexuality on the map, and let it remind us of the wonder and beauty of our incredibly diverse culture. Celebrate Bisexuality Day.

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