The F-Ups

By Barbara Trip

This would be the perfect CD to sing along to when drunk at your next party. Heavily drunk. All you really need to know is to yell along all the song titles with F-Ups lead singer Travis Allen on their self-titled debut.

The songs are simple, guitar riff intermingled with a chorus repeated at least seven times. The F-Ups seem to be channeling a little of every punk group since the Ramones as if they were afraid nobody wouldn’t recognize them as punk unless everything was included.

So, just remember your lighter for their attempt at a ballad, ‘All the Young Dudes.” It follows their formula, but for the chorus, they slow down the tempo to a more rock ballad level, and sing more in tune.

These guys put together some good-sounding songs, writing effective music to their ability level, their singer’s not bad, and the beat is upbeat and happy. The album, though, leaves you wanting for some originality, as the band doesn’t push their music in any new kind of direction.

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