Jacob Two-Two

By Chad Utke

From a band taking its name from a beloved Canadian children’s story, comes this mature ensemble of music that quite possibly entertains more than the books themselves. Jacob Two-Two, a relatively new group from Ottawa, breaks through with a stellar effort for their first full-length disc, entitled The Elastic Heart of Youth.

This is a well-produced album of an incredible wealth of talent. A creative blend of contemporary light-rock and jazz draws listeners into the emotions and passions of the band’s three songwriters, Marie Kate Hache, Paul Gervais and Jeff Gleeson. Their passion for music, a down-to-earth lyrical style and smooth, melodic bass lines, leave you dreading the end of each track.

This CD contains everything from energetic acoustic melodies to stirring ballads that explore the subject of love in a way that only those who have lost it can express. Creative minds, talented musicians and a good batch of producers make this recording one worth listening to.

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