Jonny Sootentai

By Falice Chin

From the basement of Calgary’s hip-hop crew Jonny Sootentai, comes the wickedly well-produced album From Classroom to Cubicles. Blessed by producer Aptitude’s multi-talented skills, from being able to play any instrument to a thorough understanding of music theory, the album is a fusion of many musical genres. The songs flow from one to the next like ice cream in a root beer float–refreshing, full of flavour, and with just the right amount of pop.

Guest appearances are mostly Albertan, with such artists as double-time rapper Sleep of Old Dominion starring in one of the songs. The track that sticks out from the rest is “Full Pen,” a wonderful collaboration between Lingo of JS and the ever-talented DJ Grub.

There is a lot of clever wordplay as the boys of JS have been free-styling since junior high. Couple with Phasma’s rugged singing voice, JS are well on their way to become forerunners of Calgary’s hip-hop.

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