By Shannon McCabe

After a five year hiatus from music to become a priest, Father Mason “Mase” Betha is back showcasing his “born again” philosophy.

On the title track “Welcome Back,” Mase throws it down old school-stylee, cleaning up his image to children chanting the song’s title repeatedly. Throughout the disc, though, hints of the old Mase return, as production has that “P.Diddy” embossment. But now he raps with a new found knowledge, acceptance of the music industry, and a surprising appetite for experimentation. Tracks like the smile worthy “Money Comes and Goes” and an unusual sampling of “Spanish Lullaby” makes for an irristable beat on “My Harlem Lullaby”. He even creatively samples one of his own tracks from 1996’s Harlem World, on the sensitive “The Love You Need” featuring Rashad.

This album will have people wondering what Mase is capable of without P. Diddy, Mase keeps us interested from start to finish, and definetly does not over stay his “welcome”.

..Shannon McCabe

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