New space for Multi-faith Chaplain’s Centre

By Dale Miller

The Multi-faith Chaplain’s Centre has taken up a new residence at MSC 373- and everyone’s happy.

“It’s kind of a promotion,” said Lutheran Chaplain Klaus Ohlhoff. “Being close to the Counselling Services and the Native Centre gives us more legitimacy. It’s also great for our visibility.”

The Chaplain’s Centre was previously located at MSC 318, sharing the floor with MacEwan Ballroom, the Gauntlet and the unfinished space that is to become the CJSW office and the Multi-faith prayer space.

“It’s nice to be in the busy corner of Mac Hall,” Ohlhoff stated while wearing a “Martin Luther was a Campus Minister” pin. “Old Mac Hall has a lot of character with its wooden doors and all, but we’ll still be able to do out work over here–perhaps even better.”

Along with the accessibility that comes from being in a more central location, the Chaplain’s Centre is hoping to become more accessible to non-Christian religions.

“We’ve gotten rid of the specifically Christian symbolism at the Centre,” stated Ohlhoff, who pointed out a Universal Spirit Flag featuring all of the world’s major religions. “We really want to demonstrate that all religions can get along.”

Ohlhoff added that the Chaplain’s Centre is hoping that until the old space is developed, it will stay open as a greatly needed prayer space for Muslims and other faiths.

While a permanent prayer space hinges upon the CJSW and Students’ Union completing an operating agreement, the SU has said they will keep the old space open until a new space is built.

“The area will stay open to accommodate the need for a prayer space,” said SU Vice-President Operations and Finance Greg Clayton.

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