Soccersaurs settle for a tie

By Tanya DeLyzer and Amanda VanSteelandt

The men’s soccer game on Sat., Sept. 25 against the University of British Columbia T-Birds was “eerily similar” to previous games this season. The Dinos must like it from behind, because they spent most of the game catching up to the T-Birds. The first goal came from a blatantly offside Luke Sandilands of UBC. The goal questionably bounced in off the post.

Finally, after a struggle to finish good opportunities, a nice one-timer was scored for the Dinos by John Courtliff. The assist was courtesy of Matt Houston, with a beautiful cross after some good ball movement in the middle of the field.

Early in the second half, keeper Rick Urbanczyk made a great save on a UBC free kick. While attempting to save the rebound, T-Bird Matt O’Neill scored and Urbanczyk was injured. Injured by a foot or by the ball, we’re not sure, but it looked like it hurt, a lot. Keeper Brian “Ginger” McDonnell came in to finish the half for the Dinos. It’s uncertain if Urbanczyk will be able to play next week.

In what can only be assumed to be a cheap attempt to stall the game, a few T-Birds, in separate incidents, took a seat on the field–apparently to take a breather. Once the referee had made it over to investigate the player’s condition, the slacker would stand up and adjust his shorts. Thus, twisted knickers are the new swollen ankle. At least the University of Saskatchewan Huskies gave us an entertaining, although unconvincing, squirm last week.

Despite this, the Dinos were playing well in the second half. Lots of chances were created by Adam “A-Mac” MacDonald, although they never made it into the net.

With five minutes left in regular time, salvation for the Dinos came from Jon Remmer (again!) with a rebound from a free kick by Houston from just over the half line.

With the game tied, the pace became furious and both teams created good chances. Remmer had a nice attempt that went just wide of the opposition’s net and McDonnell robbed T-Bird Paul Rahia of a clear shot inside the box.

The enemy’s coach was heard screaming from across the field: “Don’t slow the game down now!” as his players dawdled on a free kick. So he admits to the shorts shenanigans.

During the intense struggle to finish the game, our scrappy Dinos men were once again scuffling with the other team in their own end. We heard various explanations after the game. Houston, who was in the middle of it all, “heard someone bit someone.”

Andrew Waiand gave us the real story: “I went in for the header a little too hard and the guy took exception.” Or maybe he took exception to Dino Adam “Oni” Onulov’s Vanilla Ice haircut.

It was an unusual show of spirit from a T-Bird team that were heard whining to the referee about a little pushing near the end of the game. One such complaint caused a certain fan/journalist to yell: “You big pansy!” from the sidelines.

The game ended 2-2. Coach Andy Gibbs said the Dinos are developing a trend of “[going] down too easy and then showing good character to come back.”

Jonathan Remmer agreed. “We need to play better to make it to the end of the season with a winning record.”

Hopefully the Dinos can accomplish this as they hit the road this week. Games are set for Thu., Sept. 30 at Trinity Western University, Sat., Oct. 2 a rematch with UBC and Sun., Oct. 3 at the University of Victoria. The Dinos remain undefeated, with one win and two ties in the regular season.

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