WCMA Label Spotlight: Nettwerk Records

By Nolan Lewis

Nettwerk is one of Canada’s premiere independent record companies possessing some of the biggest international artists in music today. Nettwerk has been around since the early ’80s, originated in Vancouver by Terry McBride and Mark Jowette. Jowette, being a member of the band Mauve, wanted a means to release his band’s albums, and when an old road manager of Jowette signed as the third partner, Nettwerk was born. Since the early days operating out of McBride’s apartment, the label has expanded globally, with offices in Canada, the U.S. and London. Its impressive catalogue features top Canadian, as well as worldwide talent, providing a strong backbone for the company.

Nettwerk is separated into two main branches, the first being devoted to the singer/songwriter and folk roots artist. This includes Sarah McLachlan and Po’ Girl. Po’ Girl, playing the WCMAs, mixes root music with jazz and country for a unique style all their own.

The second branch embraces the electronic artists and DJs, including some of the best in the genre, like DJ Tiesto and Delirium. Nettwerk has also been able to cross the two branches together, producing harmonious and strikingly crafted genre bending music.

With the immense pool of talent Nettwerk boasts, it is no wonder why they have become a worldwide entity. Their roster of artists have firmly planted Nettwerk in a stable position for many years to come.

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