Oscar Fech

1) For over five years I have attended most council meetings and have been refused access to several of the meetings. In the meetings I was privileged to attend, I was not allowed to voice my opinion. Approximately 50 per cent of City Council meetings are closed, while the rest are open to spectators only. What does the Land Development Committee, Utility Committee, Enmax, Audit Committee, etc. have to hide? All of their meetings are behind closed doors.

I feel that the issues should be discussed in an open, democratic manner where citizens are allowed to voice their opinions.

If elected, I will make it possible for everyone to voice their opinions in a democratic manner.

2) The Local Infrastructure must be improved. Traffic is being bogged down and the roads need repair. LRT service should be improved and increased.

4) Enmax should not be for sale. I understand that Enmax makes approximately $5 million a year in profit. Are the utility bills really as low as they can be, or are we being taken for a ride? I have spoken out at the Enmax City Council Chambers with no success.

6) Calgary’s environment needs to be seriously addressed.

[Mr. Fech has neglected to address questions #3, 5 and 7 in his platform.]

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