SPUN: Auf der Maur

By Ivan Danielewicz

After an interesting trip as the bassist through the rise of Hole and the fall of the Smashing Pumpkins, Melissa Auf der Maur has released a self-titled solo album which sees the styles of both of her former bands integrated with her own. Between the two of these bands, she leans towards the Smashing Pumpkins influence, with James Iha contributing on her new album.

Her sound lies somewhere in the depths of alternative rock, and at times sounds like the early Pumpkins’ albums. Tracks are split between those drive by powerful guitar riffs and those easily missable tracks most people skip. But mostly, the downfall to the music lies in her lyrics, ruining the craftmanship of the songs. While the first track may be musically excellent, lyrics like “Gonna let the lightening tuck me into my bed,” throw off the entire album.

Even with the lyrical set back, Auf def Maur’s instrumentation remains seemless and usually makes up for the lack of development in her weaker areas. While not brilliant, or even cohesive, Auf def Maur is still able to make her debut a worthwhile, if tarnished, effort.

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