Spun: Tegan and Sara

By Jaime Burnet

Although Tegan and Sara could be dismissed as two girls who sing about love, it’s difficult to think of artists who aren’t inspired by their experiences with relationships and their elicited emotions. What gives these Calgarian sisters more substance than the average love struck girl pop duo is not only the fact that they write and play their own music (an attribute of girl pop stars becoming less and less of a phenomenon), but their originality of sound and quality of lyrics. Fans should not let the shift toward a more polished and less folky sound cause worry, as the songs on So Jealous posses lush sound and powerful vocals, on tracks like “I Bet it Stung” and “I Won’t be Left”.

The girls’ innocently soprano voices work together beautifully in well-placed harmonies throughout the album, singing unique and honest lyrics cutting to the heart of emotion. It’s why So Jealous has the confidence and uniqueness to convince sceptics that Tegan and Sara are more than just folky girl pop, and able to convince fans that change can be a good thing.

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