Don’t vote

By Вen Li

Voting makes it only slightly less of a cakewalk for the Conservatives to remain in glorious power.

Besides, for every ballot you cast, mine is worth less. I like what King Ralph has done for us yuppies and I want to keep him in power, dammit. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like how things are now. You can’t change anything, no matter how much of an idealist you are. Oil revenues save us all.

They try hard, but the Alberta Liberals, NDs and Greens don’t stand a chance of winning anyway, so why bother wasting half an hour to check them off. It’s not like your vote will make a difference. The well-funded Alberta Alliance nee Reform will steamroller everything that’s not PC no matter what you want. Good on them, I say. Those other well-established wanna-be parties might just learn something from seeing a real opposition party in action.

Gay rights, social programs, government subsidies, who needs those? I’m not oppressed right now. If you can’t afford car insurance, you don’t deserve to drive your wretched fast-food trashmobiles on our congested roads anyway. Divide your minority vote and support such radical ideas as free tuition, a freeze on tuition, and a $20 increase to minimum wage; anything but a reasonable plan that works in reality. Post-secondary education isn’t suffering too much at the moment, it’s all an illusion perpetuated by eager beaver politicians in training at the SU. This university is at 120 per cent capacity, but there’s all that unused environment to build new universities on. There’s no need to worry about funding.

Why give your input? Participating in debates and discussions means more green-house gases spewing from the mouths of idiots who extoll at the wind.

People only died in wars to preserve our freedom to participate in a democracy, and that was decades ago. Why respect their efforts? It’s not like they’re living now.

Save up your votes for when things really go bad.

Four more years!Editor-in-Chief

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