U of C art sale

By Nolan Lewis

The department of Art Faculty and Staff Exhibition begins Fri., Nov. 19 in the Nickle Arts Museum. This annual presentation features the work of the faculty, seasonal staff and technicians in a variety of artistic fields.

This year there is a post miniature auction taking place in conjunction with the exhibition’s opening reception. As the name suggests the works being auctioned are all small in size, with 12X 12 being the limit. The bidding on the works starts at $20. Many of the faculty’s pieces, if sold in a gallery, would run for several hundreds of dollars, this auction provides an excellent opportunity for the general public to buy some fantastic original art at a great price.

The money made from the auction goes to making a catalogue of student’s work, the department’s cabaret, with the majority being used for the BFA Graduating Exhibition, which is an opportunity for graduating students to showcase their art.

The items are being showcased in the gallery in the art department on the 6th floor of the Arts Parkade. The event is a silent auction and bidding can be made in the Gallery up until the reception and auction on Fri., Nov. 19, which will take place in the Nickle Arts Museum.

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