Dinos ladies feelin’ Pronghorny

By Sean Nyilassy and Lee Bogle

As our powerhouse women’s basketball team went into combat mode at home Fri., Nov. 19, they must have been thinking one thing: We are playing the unranked University of Lethbridge Pronghorns.

“We learned a hard lesson,” Associate Coach Claire Mitton confided, “but fortunately we learned it quickly.”

It’s a lesson some of us learn the hard way in a sketchy foreign back alley. Even midgets can beat up taller, more skilled opponents. Lethbridge took an early lead, but the Dinos clawed back to end the first half with a 35-34 lead. Despite a 47-40 Dinos lead with a scant 14 minutes remaining, the U of L managed to come out on top. All Dinos comeback attempts proved futile, as they fell 76-66. Though Tanya Hautala scored 18 and Lindsay Maundrell netted 16 points and hauled down nine boards, the team still must hang their heads for losing their home opener to Lethbridge.

“We learn the most when we lose,” Maundrell proclaimed philosophically.

Well they didn’t learn much on Sat., Nov. 20. Despite coming out a bit slow, the Dinos blossomed like the young flowers they are and found themselves with a commanding 34-23 lead at the half.

“It’s important to focus on what you do have rather than what you don’t have,” said the wise Head Coach Shawnee Harle.

Focus on their lead they did, even with some bumps along the way. Jade Jensen nobly fouled out, while Maundrell took the less glamorous technical foul to put a quick end to her game.

“I bring a lot of passion to the team,” Maundrell exclaimed passionately. “I just have to keep it positive.”

The ‘Horns attempted another comeback but were thwarted by the stalwart performance of rookie Brianna Orr. She hit three of six from beyond that symbolic arc to seal the deal, so to speak.

“I am a natural shooter,” Orr nervously bragged.

Upon seeing the three-pointers, Calgary hired a vet to put down the Pronghorns 62-55. Hautala again led the Dinos in scoring with 12, while Katherine Adams earned herself Player of the Game for her 10 points and strong, non-statistical effort.

“Friday night we played not to lose,” Head Coach Shawnee Harle let us quote. “Saturday we stopped worrying about the result and played tough. The result took care of itself.”

Calgary now has a record of 10-2 including preseason play and a strong 4-2 in Canada West action.

“We are improving every single time,” Mitton said with glee.

Next games will again be in the Jack Simpson Gym. The fourth ranked University of Saskatchewan Huskies visit Nov. 25-26 to receive their annual Dino mauling. Harle knows the team is capable of winning both games.

“We have to take away something that they do well,” she said on the record and promised, “we are going to be tough to beat.”

Women’s games start at 6 in the p.m. while men’s matches mobilize mayhem many minutes before midnight. That means 8 p.m. to you! See you there.

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