Trojans break three times

By Sean Nyilassy and Lee Bogle

Like a 23-year old computer science major, the Dinos women’s hockey team is having difficulty scoring. This past weekend, they had a skate date with SAIT and NAIT. Fate didn’t wait, their goals came too late. Their wins total is still shaped like a plate. That’s a zero, mate. Man we’re great.

Fri., Oct. 29 our ladies met the Nooks of NAIT. A 4-1 loss doesn’t leave much room for positive comment.

“We need to score goals,” lamented Head Coach Julie Healy. “We didn’t shoot the puck enough.”

Unfortunately, this advice wasn’t heeded the next eve. Although the SAIT Trojans drew first blood, the score was evened quickly by Beth Nerland of the Dinos. SAIT regained its lead mid third frame, but the Dinos were not finished just yet. Allison Mansell got into her hero’s costume early, tying the game with a scant 35 seconds remaining. Regrettably, it was a little early to start the party. SAIT slipped a Trojan into the coveted hole to capture the overtime victory.

“We need to take quicker shots, be hungry for it,” the newly appointed captain, Shauna Raugust, mumbled to herself. Luckily we were there to hear it!

Joining Raugust in leadership positions are the ass. caps.: Andy Scheuer, Kelsey Szymanek and Andrea ‘Poupy’ Poupart. And what role do they hope to fulfill?

“I want to provide a little bit of leadership,” Raugust said with that inspirational twinkle in her eye.

The Dinos will need more than a little leadership as they are off to face the Grant MacEwan Gryphons and the Mount Royal College Cougars. The face-off with the Cougars will be Fri., Nov. 5 at MRC. The Gryphons enter our House of Pain (read: Olympic Oval) Sat., Nov. 6 at 7 p.m. So head out and cheer our girls on to their first win this weekend.

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