Señor Winter

By Russ Dyck

They all shudder and scowl when he’s in their presence. Those that know him seem to know him too well. Those that hate him have never really given him a chance. Old Man Winter has received a bad rap from the majority that he just can’t shake and doesn’t deserve.

I am part of the marginal group that anxiously awaits winter’s arrival every year and I wish it would come sooner during the months of summer. It’s not anticipation of the holiday season and all the treasures it brings; rather, I eagerly look forward to the days when a deep breath of fresh, cold, crisp air fills my lungs entirely and snow absolutely covers every inch of this town. It’s a refreshing burst that I crave during the spring, summer and fall. Once it comes, I can never get enough.

So now that Señor Winter has returned to our fair city, a grin has spread across my face. I’m never more awake then when I walk outside and the mix of fresh snow and negative double-digit temperatures are there to greet me. These mornings feed a growing urge to spend more time outside, only fulfilled after traveling to the ski hills or even to the tobogganing hill known as Canada Olympic Park for the day.

For many, the sentiments are inverse. Summer is favoured and it seems to be the time to get outside and enjoy the weather. Agreed, there are many great things that can only be done during the warm summer months, but if winter would stay around for a couple more months, I would appreciate it.

This is just a simple reminder to you that Old Man Winter can’t rape the willing. I tip my toque and raise a mug of eggnog in honour of his annual presence. He’s always been in my good books.

So after all your exams are done, or even when you just need a break from the books, put on your woolies and miscellaneous winter wear, and go play in the snow.

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