Hockeysaurs win one???

By Lee Bogle and Sean Nyilassy

With an illustrious 0-11-1 record, the Dinos women’s hockey team was looking to continue their streak Fri., Jan. 21 against the Mount Royal College Cougars. And they weren’t disappointed (?).

MRC is the second ranked team in the ACAC with a now 10-3-1 record. And rest assured, the Dinos didn’t give them one of those losses. However, they did give them a hell of a lot of shooting practice, letting five goals in during the game. If there was a towel that could be thrown in to end the “fight” you can bet your buttons it would have been thrown. Our ladies didn’t put any pucks in the net over the eve.

Then, while I was watching a pig fly, hell froze over and a tuition decrease was announced. Meanwhile, the Dinos granted the Grant MacEwan College Griffins permission to lose Sat., Jan. 22. Although it cannot be denied that GMC is the second worst team in the league, they previously seemed insurmountably better than the Dinos.

“It felt like winning the Stanley Cup,” ass-cap Andrea “Poupy” Poupart gushed.

And so it should, not only did the Dinos attain their first win, they obtained their first conference shut-out since Nov. 22, 2003, with the exception of a 0-0 tie earlier in the season against the Griffins.

Allison Mansell added one of two Calgary goals, giving a final reading of 2-0. Mansell is on a roll, having scored the single tally from the games Jan. 14-15 as well as the one this weekend.

Having now abolished the streak that could have earned them legendary status in the ACAC, the lady Dinos begin a new conquest–a one-game winning streak.

Considering that they host their next game against the top-ranked Red Deer College Trojans Jan. 28, the girls will need more than flying pigs to extend the streak past one.

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