Spun: Breaking Benjamin

By Jaime Burnet

Ah, Benjamin. You have all the elements of the next big thing for those who want to lose their musical virginity, but don’t want to go all the way.

After impatiently waiting for pop-punk to satisfy, there are undoubtedly those wanting to move onto heavier things, but afraid of plunging head-first into the death metal section at HMV. The answer to their dilemma is Breaking Benjamin, a band combining the unique DNA of other bands to form a monster blob of alternative music.

But this monster is neither scary nor intelligent, for all of its badly imitated Serj Tankian-like vocal stylings, gritty downtuned guitar and lyrics about screaming, drinking alcohol, and being cold. We’ve heard it all before. After all, they toured with Evanescence. What more is there to say?

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