Spun: Eddie Turner

By Lori Anne Archer

Eddie Turner is Bon Jovi meets Gospel meets smooth jazz and he’s all business on his debut solo album Rise.

Throwing together a crazy mix of hardcore electric guitar and soulful lyrics, Turner’s music takes you on a musical ride that’s hard to forget. Influenced by a vast number of artists in a wide variety of musical genres, Turner puts a whole new spin on bluegrass blues. From wild rock to gangsta’ RB, he’s got music for everyone in this incredibly outrageous combination of unlikely musical compliments.

Typical to blues bands, Turner and his crew deliver a playful song set where the rules of music do not apply. Swinging tunes, electric licks and extreme instrumental solos is Rise abridged.

Despite dubious vocal talent which comes as part of the Blues territory, Turner’s instrumentals are outstanding by any standard. A little unconventional, Turner’s tunes stand out, not by the bizarre mix of genres employed or the far-out sound of his songs, but for the refined talent of an old-time guitarist.

Exactly where in a music store Rise will be found is hard to say, but one thing’s for sure–Eddie “devil boy” Turner has some serious soul.

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