Let the hazing begin

By Sean Nyilassy

While this year’s Dinos football squad had a good run, help for next year is on the way. Four Calgary-area high schoolers have confirmed their attendance to our prestigious institution in Fall 2005. They will hopefully pick up where graduating players left off.

First up, coming straight from the Cochrane High School Cobras is Justin Marit. He will fill the fullback position and begin in the Faculty of Communication and Culture. He was a valuable member of the Cobras for three consecutive Alberta Provincial Championships.

Towering over some at six feet flat and tipping the scales at 230 pounds, Marit certainly has the stature he needs to pitch in to a solid Dinos season next year. He graces the U of C with his talents, despite attention from both Montana State University and the University of Montana. What he’s thinking, we’ll soon find out.

Having also started as a linebacker, Marit brings some crazy hip skills on both sides of the ball.

Defensive lineman Konrad Paley will have no problem standing up against some of Canada West’s best next year. His head is likely covered in bumps from travelling through doors with less than 6’4″ of clearance. Add to that, 235 pounds of bone, muscle and whatever else he’s hiding, and Paley becomes a force to be reckoned with.

The big and tall man doesn’t lack a brain either. He’s registered in the Haskayne School of Business. He assisted St. Mary’s High School to a Calgary City Championship in 2004 and hopefully will bring wider success to the Dinos.

Coming from a decorated 2004 St. Francis High School Browns team is Anthony Woodson. He was an essential part of the team that was undefeated their entire season, taking the Calgary Senior Football Championship as well as the Alberta Championship. His talents allowed him to play both defensive back and tailback positions for the Browns.

The six-footer weighs the equivalent of 732 McDonald’s Quarter Pounders and brings athleticism and determination to the Dinos. Despite a rib injury after the regular season, Woodson pushed on to play out the post-season.

Finally, linebacker Loukas Stavropoulas will advance from William Aberhart High School to the beginnings of a Communication and Culture degree in the fall. With six feet of height and 200 pounds to back him up, he has more than enough to contribute to the Dinos as one of Alberta’s top young linebackers.

These few will be joined by many others next year as the Dinos attempt again to rule the west and perhaps eventually Canada. Since the last national football championship for the Dinos in 1995, players and coaching staff alike have been itching for another chance. Perhaps the lucky 10-year gap and some new talent will inspire a fabulous year on the gridiron.

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