Another Gauntlet Extra Effort Award

By Sean Nyilassy

When one of the University of Calgary’s top basketball players was indefinitely removed from the lineup due to injury, there was an enormous gap to fill. In just his second-year of eligibility, Sandy Brar was one of the few to fill the space.

For his efforts, Brar was the male recipient of the 2005 Gauntlet Extra Effort Award presented Thu., Apr. 7 at the Night of the Dino. Just a Dinos rookie, Brar stepped up to fill Whit Hornsberger’s leadership role.

After spending a year playing at Ryerson University, Brar took two years off from basketball because of various injuries. He fought back to return in the form of a Dino this season. And he was well appreciated.

The 64 guard averaged 10.4 points in conference play, adding 5.6 rebounds per game and 22 steals on the season. He was an important factor in the success that the team saw this year, playing 25.6 minutes per game. He a top five Dino in almost every basketball stats category imaginable, topping the list for free throw percentage with 0.907.

He proved his dedication to the Dinos when he was called home for personal reasons, but managed to return the following week for a home series against the Simon Fraser University Clan and Trinity Western University Spartans. After hopping off a plane Fri., Jan. 28, Brar added 12 points to a tight 79-76 win over UBC.

The following night versus TWU, Brar “did everything” according to Assistant Coach Wayne Thomas. And the numbers back the talk. A huge double-double with 20 points and 10 rebounds was Brar’s gift towards the 84-67 blowout.

With three years of eligibility left with the Dinos, there’s no telling what Brar will do in the future. One thing’s for sure, if he continues on the trail he blazed this year, the rest of Canada West had better watch out.

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