Report Card: Men’s Hockey

By Sean Nyilassy


With Scott Talbot and Donald Choukalos tending the net, the Dinos usually had little to worry about in their zone. Talbot even received the coveted University of Calgary Male Rookie of the Year Award. Forward Wade Davis was also recently awarded with the fourth and final Husky WHL Graduate of the Month Award.


Despite some bumps this season, the men were always optimists about the end result. Although things didn’t end up like they may have hoped, the Dinos sure as hell didn’t give up trying.


Scott Atkinson is no rookie to coaching hockey. He spent eight seasons as Assistant Coach of the Mount Royal College Cougars beginning in 1984. He was eventually promoted to Head Coach and obtained eight years experience leading the team between 1992 and 2001. It was then that the Dinos picked him up, and though he is yet to take the team to nationals, it is undoubtedly in the cards soon.


If you don’t think breaking a six-year, 45-game winless streak against the University of Alberta Golden Bears an achievement then your head is on backwards. Turn it around and realize: that accomplishment made the whole year worth it.

Overall: B+

Singer/Band: Beyonce. After breaking a streak with the rest of Destiny’s Child (those U of A bastards), she moved on to real stardom.

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