Report Card: Women’s Hockey

By Sean Nyilassy and Lee Bogle


Ummm… ahh… Shauna Raugust was pretty good with the most points on the team. Beth Nerland had seven goals, which is pretty neat. But with no team members in the top 15 for points in the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference, there is little more to say.


What the team lacked in aptitude, they made up for in effort. With four 6:30 a.m. practices per week, this team definitely had a lot of heart. No other team on campus was forced to have the dedication to their sport to rise this early. Even without a winning record the ladies still managed to have fun, and were always delightfully positive to chat with. Always.


Despite some coaching staff changes over the years, Head Coach Julie Healy has persevered and done good things with the program over the past couple seasons. Although not all of the coaches from the past have received warm welcomes from the girls, Healy has won their hearts and formed a dedicated team.


Though the team started off slowly–specifically 0-12-1–as spring approached the girls blossomed, finishing the remainder of the season on a positive note with a 3-4-0 record. Even after playoff hopes were dead, the women of gold and red pushed on and said “another loss we won’t be fed!”

Overall: C+

(The “+” is for restraining their combative nature and tallying the leagues lowest penalty minute total.)

Singer/Band: Blue Oyster Cult. Despite the lack of support from band members, the cowbell persevered.

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