Spun: Kutless

By Chad Utke

Following the ever-so-popular trend in Christian music, dark rockers Kutless put out a worship album entitled Strong Tower, giving homage to their creator and saviour. All the big name Christian bands have done it and Kutless is just one more in a sea of faces.

The CD does follow the formulaic standard among worship albums, but still entertains from start to finish. Fusing self written songs such as “Ready for you,” and classic worship songs, such as “I lift my Eyes up” and “Arms of Love” one standard in worship albums, but the unique ghostly sounds of Kutless bring a much needed dose of life to this overly done musical genre.

Strong guitar riffs and passionate vocals of lead singer Jon Micah Sumrall showcase some of the best songs in Christian worship today. This album is worth a listen to, if only to check out Kutless’ unique sound in a genre where creativity is tough to do.

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