BSD hyjinx include bomb scare

By Chris Beauchamp

The security reports are in and despite arson, brass knuckles and a bomb scare, Bermuda Shorts Day 2005 went off without a hitch.

“BSD was really busy,” said Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz. “It was the biggest BSD we’ve ever had to date.”

Fritz noted there were no major incidents or injuries during the annual year-end celebration Fri., Apr. 20.

“Somebody phoned into the Calgary police department that a bomb was to go off in the beer gardens,” said Fritz, adding Calgary City Police and Campus Security searched the perimeter and determined there was no real threat. “We assume it was just some dis- gruntled people that we sent on their way.”

Also during BSD, an unknown number of individuals set fire to furniture in a Craigie Hall elevator. A quick thinking student grabbed a near-by fire-extinguisher and doused the flames, said Fritz. Damages are estimated near $2,000. Two other BSD revelers were taken into custody for outstanding warrants and possession of brass knuckles.

Other highlights of the April security report include the theft of dumbells worth $800 from the Varsity Gym and the arrest of a female concert-goer at the Sun., Apr. 10 Queens of the Stone Age concert for the possession and distribution of cocaine.

“This was a young woman who has a history of similar deeds throughout the city,” noted Fritz.

In April the total estimated cost of losses and damages on campus was over $51,000. For May, that figure was only $15,403.

“The summer’s not quite as busy,” said Fritz. “Simply because we have fewer people, we have fewer concerns.”

Campus security responded to a complaint from Students’ Union staff regarding harassing phone calls from an individual who claimed to be holding hostages. The calls were deemed to be a hoax, said Fritz, adding the unknown suspect likely had mental health issues.

Also in May, two pieces of student artwork were stolen from a studio in the Fine Arts building. No suspects have been identified.

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