Security advisory knocked

By Chris Beauchamp

Campus Security came under fire last month for a security advisory sent to University of Calgary members.

The advisory, sent Wed., Jun. 15, warned campus members of a suspicious black male in Social Sciences and the Education Tower. He was described as being in his mid 20s.

The advisory was criticized by graduate students for not identifying the suspicious behaviour.

“At this point in time what you’ve told our community is that we should be concerned of black males walking the halls of campus,” wrote political science MA candidate Tacita Clarke in a complaint to Campus Security. “I find it disturbing this is what passed as a security advisory.”

Campus Security Assistant Manager Ken Kress defended the advisory, noting there was an incident which prompted the warning.

“We don’t go into details generally on those kinds of things, but that was done for a reason,” said Kress.

Kress said Campus Security will take the negative feedback they received into account when writing future advisories.

The suspicious male was not located.

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