Spun: The Starting Line

By Logan Niehaus

In a society revolving around computers, video games and movies, paying attention to anything, let alone the subtleties of music, can be tough. Unfortunately, The Starting Line’s sophomore album, Based on a True Story, undeniably falters at every turn, not even giving the listener a chance to get interested.

Little has changed since their debut, in fact, things have only gotten worse. Plagued by lacklustre focus and energy, Based on a True Story falls short of any significant sign of meaning. This is most obvious on the sombre and reclusive “Photography,” as well as on the quaint “Ready,” which skillfully tiptoes around any sense of purpose.

In the age of short attention spans people will struggle to appreciate, or even tolerate this offering of low grade emo-punk. Perhaps bands like The Starting Line’s struggle to find a place in the music world would be easier if they didn’t take every possible detour around doing something meaningful.

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