Club me ’till I’m week, club me ’till I’m dead

By John Leung Chung-Yin

Clubs week is often an exciting mainstay of the fall academic calendar and this year has proven to be no exception. Clubs of all stripes and colours are once again coming out of their summer hiatus and recruiting members in this biannual bazaar.

Over 80 clubs, both old and new, have set up their stands in three locations around MacEwan Student Centre, where for the entire week they will greet prospective members and sell them memberships. By the end of the week, clubs will be hosting their annual “Meet and Greets” which take many forms and can vary from club to club.

“The week so far has been going well, and it can be said that it is better than last year,” said Students’ Union Clubs Chair Jonathan Griffith, noting that despite the crowded conditions, every effort was made to make sure no clubs were left without a table.

Clubs have also seen brisk business so far. Certain returning members renew their memberships or new members join for the first time. There is a variety of clubs available, from the very specific, like the Motorcycle Club and the Royal Flush Poker Club, to such broad-based groups as the Indian Students’ Society and the Political Science Association.

“It’s a great time to find out about the clubs on campus, and it is much better to talk to people directly than having them read words off a page or a website,” commented Jenny Snyder, part of the leadership team of the Inter-Varsity Campus Fellowship.

On top of the traditional Clubs BBQ this year, which is free for members of any club with a club card, the newly-minted Piano Smashing Club will be hosting a charity Piano Smash Fri., Sept. 23 on the MSC South Lawn at 2 p.m., where for a charitable donation, anyone can take a shot at an old piano for a good cause.

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