Spun: Haste The Day

By Logan Niehaus

Labelling bands based upon the type of music they play has become all too easy today. Often, these simple, unwarranted labels are more cracks at a band and their style than a proper description of the music itself. In the early stages of their career, Haste the Day were tagged as a metalcore band but have lately been ostracized with their new album, When Everything Falls. In reality, the band’s second album should be viewed based upon the strong pieces of musical performance it contains, regardless of what style of music it is.

Known for their exhaustive 200 plus day touring schedule, Haste the Day has brought a strong combination of hard rock and undeniably strong choruses to create something much more. Often ridiculed for repetition, it is that very same consistency showcasing their variation and powerful division throughout the album. Much of When Everything Falls carries a heavy tone with powerful epics like “Long Way Down” and “If I Could See.” The band reveals a softer side in their slower, more sombre approach on songs like “InstruMETAL.”

So get past the labels because a truly enjoyable album is waiting.

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