Spun: Tom Fuller

By Jon Roe

Tom Fuller is indeed chasing something on his debut album Chasing an Illusion, and it’s the Beatles. A lot of artists have tried, but few as unexcitingly as Fuller.

Ignoring the mop-top influences, this album is all bland instrumental work with endless babbling. Fuller pulls out every rock cliche in the book of love, coming back after breaking up (“Back Again”), waiting for love (“Don’t Keep Me Waiting”), missing his girl (“Missing You”), never stopping the love (“I’ll Never Stop”), and falling in love with an imaginary friend (“Chasing an Illusion”), each with a peculiar lack of panache or emotional depth. One must wonder how many break-ups and misfortunes this man has been through.

In the illusionary world Tom Fuller is chasing, he’s famous, talented and a successful artist on equal standing with the Fab Four. Here on Earth, however, he is nothing special in a world of dreamers, his illusion being too far away to possibly grasp.

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