Film Fest: Escape to Canada

Ground breaking, rebellious and defiant aren’t usually Canadian descriptors. Despite this, the documentary Escape to Canada displays Canada as a revolutionary country in conflict with the USA. It’s as if the documentary is committed to exposing Canada’s secret scheme to be different and consequently superior to America.

This highly biased documentary pokes fun at the irrationality of the American government and the silent Canadian rebellion to be cooler than our neighbour. Escape to Canada focuses on the recognition of same-sex marriages and the advance towards the legalization of marijuana in Canada. Through an examination of who and what drives Canadians to fight for their rights, the documentary’s director, Albert Nerenberg, analyzes Canada’s global appeal. More specifically, Nerenberg questions the recent increase in American immigrants to Canada, such as reefer refugees, AWOL soldiers and same-sex couples.

Comically balancing the political and social differences of the two nations, Escape to Canada holds President Bush accountable for the sudden rise of Canadian popularity and praises the Canadian government for its pursuit of freedom and equality. The documentary is witty and ironic in its take on America’s declining status and Canada’s mounting fame. From its dramatization of Jean Chretien smoking a joint to its blatant disappointment with the USA, Escape to Canada is equal parts a patriotic Canadian film and a humourous critique of America.

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