Music Interview: Good Question makes a New Retro

By Anushka Nagji

Home grown in the most literal way, Good Question is made up of Sean Goebel, a University of Calgary student and Anthony MacDonald, a current Mount Royal College student. The band has a new 10-track CD out, New Retro, playing gigs all over town and receiving a fair chunk of airplay on CJSW, making it hard to miss this emerging band.

“It’s about getting people to ‘get it,’” explains Goebel, lead singer and co-songwriter of Good Question. “A lot of people who heard the song ‘For The Chicks’ were offended by the lyrics, but the truth is that it was just a fun song to write and record, and if you didn’t get that then you’re obviously not gonna like the music.”

With both members of the band studying music at their respective institutions, the band has a strong musical pedigree. Both Goebel and MacDonald share a detailed conception of what their music is.

“Music is my form of expression, it’s something I’ve been doing all my life,” says MacDonald, who has been putting together music since the tender age of nine. “I have faith in my music and the good things it can do for people,” adds Goebel.

Whether Good Question’s music has healing properties is debatable, but the quality of the music is not. New Retro features a combination of traditional electric guitar and drums with unique flourshes such as horn, timpani, keyboards and violins. The band also features a bass player who has toured with the likes of Ray Charles and KD Lang.

“We have a lot of old influences in our music and we wanted to revive that,” says Goebel, explaining the oxymoronic name of the album. “A lot of people who reviewed our music after we put it out there said it had a retro sound, so we figured, ‘Lets embrace this retro sound, but we’ll put our own, new spin on it.’” With the audible influences of Billy Joel and Elton John mixed with contemporary vibes, Good Qestion have accomplished their goal. The lyrics, backed by compelling beats, keep you thinking. New Retro is an album worth stopping to listen to.

“A lot of lyrics are about the human experience” Goebel remarks. “Even the seemingly superficial ones are drawn from our experiences.”

The band celebrates the release of New Retro Fri., Oct. 14 in what promises to be a strong show. The only good question is why you wouldn’t be there.

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