Lady ballers break 100 points

By Sean Nyilassy

The Dinos women’s basketball team scored an (almost, but evidently not) uncountable 181 points in two games Oct. 14-15. Although the opposing teams totaled just 166, the Dinos split the weekend.

Friday’s game pitted our Dinos against last year’s national champions, the Simon Fraser University Clan. But our ladies don’t back down from a challenge; they managed to give SFU, who were 42 games into an undefeated streak, quite a fright.

During the first half, our ladies were down as much as 20 to the Clan. Although things were not going to plan, after the break a comeback began. Up and down the court the Dinos ran, reducing to three the large point span. But of the final score I’m not a fan–90-81 for the team from Van.

“We scored 81 points against the team that will likely be number one [when the national coaches’ poll is published],” smiled Head Coach Shawnee Harle, noting that the Dinos will hopefully not fight from behind in the future. “It’s early season. We’re not as sharp as we need to be because it’s still October.”

New Dino Michelle Willson was the team’s highest scoring lady with 17 points. Whitney Haswell added 12 points and 12 rebounds for an astounding double-double. Her huge numbers helped boost Calgary past SFU in rebounding, 52-39.

“Our goal is to take a lot of shots,” Haswell commented, “but we need to be better on D so they don’t get as many.”

The Dinos offense began the game a little slow, shooting 33 per cent from the field during the first half, improving by seven per cent for the game.

This was certainly not the case on Saturday against the Trinity Western University Spartans. The Dinos shot at a doctorate level, hitting 52 per cent of their shots from the field and 50 per cent of their three-point attempts.

This showed on the scoreboard, with the Dinos leading 53-34 at the half, and slowing down a shade to permit a 100-76 final score. Tanya Hautala was the Dinos’ leading lady, with 27 points stashed in her pockets. Willson led rebounds with nine.

“When you look up and see ‘100’, it’s kind of cool,” said Hautala, who didn’t break her focus until the damage was done.

“You’re going to see a lot of scoring,” she said of this year’s roster. “We play really up-tempo. On the flip side, we have to be keeping the other team down.”

The team expects this to be an exciting year of high scores on the Dinos’ side. Their strong offensive base has proven that, even against tough western teams, they can and will put points on the board.

“This is the highest scoring team I have ever coached, period,” foretold Harle.

The pair of games help the Dinos prepare for a tough regular season. These are the only pre-season games the Dinos will have against Canada West teams–some of the country’s best.

The Dinos head to Ontario for a tournament Oct. 21-23 where they will have one last chance to prepare for the regular season.

“I’d like to see us show some defensive improvement,” Harle said, “and continue our high scoring while reducing the other teams’.”

The weekend is an extra treat for Haswell, who grew up in Ontario.

“I’m so excited to play against the girls I used to play against, and some B teams we should be beating by a lot.”

Perhaps 200 points this weekend? No, really, it could happen.

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